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Though I am well past full retirement age (ok, the photo is from 6 years ago), I work full time in academia where I am expected to adapt to evolving technologies on the fly, and after I’m done at the office I run around with grandkids to their activities like I did with my own kids, (thought I am more tolerant of my grand-teens now than I was of my pain-in-the-neck own teens back then). I worked as web designer and developer at an Ivy League university in NJ and after 24 years there I relocated to Central PA to be closer to my adult kids. I am currently in a full time job where I develop large scale posters, presentations, and videos. I have decades of PowerPoint experience designing scientific presentations and posters for judged scientific conferences where my designs won numerous awards. However, I am also well aware that my employer may not share my philosophy on not retiring, so I embarked on a new journey to ensure my continuous creativity and learning to prevent any cognitive decline in case I am asked to kindly retire and make room for someone younger and less expensive. Hence Plan B.

Plan B

You maybe landed here as a result of a search for printable arts. If that is the case, you are in the right place!

This is a digital arts website where the artworks have underlying stories exploring personal views as well as some musing and cogitations.

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